Sports Watch Parties: newly-launched services and their performance

A Pre-Pandemic Case

Company: Eleven Sports
private rooms for watching content with friends and public rooms with invited speakers

British Pandemic Cases

Company: BT Sports
Co-watching of Premier League matches in private rooms in the app

EURO in Hong Kong

Company: Now TV
Service: Watch Party private groups for watching EURO 2020 (which actually took place in 2021)

Spanish VIP Watch Parties

Company: La Liga
Service: Private Watch Parties for special events

The social features boom in Thailand

Company: Thai ОТТ-platform TrueID TV
Service: live chats for sport events

Chats built around the Olympics

Company: Match TV
Service: live chats for real-time broadcasts

Other cases

In 2020, The National Football League (NFL) and Yahoo Sports launched private rooms for co-watching. Users could invite three friends. This feature was available in the app and on the service’s web version.



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