How to improve your users’ experience with conversations that matter

2 min readMay 22, 2023


Watchers community chats are now upgraded with the ChatGPT bot 🔥

As you know, at social b2b SaaS Watchers, our mission is to create vibrant communities within various platforms — whether you’re engrossed in a video, trying your luck in iGaming, or making decisions in stock trading.

Today, we take another step in that direction by adding an AI-powered communication tool — ChatGPT. As a platform owner, you can personalize the ChatGPT bot with your chosen name, adding a human touch to the AI and creating a more engaging environment for your users.

Why is this beneficial to your company?

✅ Enhanced Engagement: The advanced AI model can handle complex conversation paths, keeping users engaged and involved. It’s like having a full-time moderator, sparking interesting conversations, and driving engagement around the clock.
✅ 24/7 Support: ChatGPT never sleeps, so your users will always have a resource to turn to for support or to answer their queries, improving user satisfaction.
✅ Scalability: No matter how rapidly your community grows, the AI can handle millions of conversations simultaneously. As your business scales, so too does the support.

And how will it benefit your end users?

🎯 Real-time Interaction: Users will appreciate the immediate responses to their queries and comments, making their experience more interactive and fun.
🎯 Better Communication: ChatGPT can foster more productive and engaging conversations, enhancing users’ sense of community.
🎯 Accessible Knowledge: ChatGPT is well-equipped to provide useful and accurate responses, which can also be educated with specific data from our client’s side.

Comment or text us if you are interested in this feature in your platform ✍🏽

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