Gen Z and video platforms: what is missing to make a perfect match?

In general: Gen Zers are full of socially conscious and very gregarious

In 2020, almost every specialized media reported that Gen Zers are becoming the most influential consumers. At this point, they have entered an active consumption phase, and are beginning to seriously influence world of products and services. This phase stands to continue long into the future.

What about social connections?

According to the Harvard Business Review, even before Covid-19, Gen Z was eschewing traditional social media for “digital campfires” — more intimate online destinations where they texted privately or connected either in micro-communities or larger shared experiences. In 2020, activity on these platforms exploded.

The way Gen Zers watch movies

According to recent polls, Gen Zers named YouTube and Netflix their favorite VoD platforms. In fact, 71% of Gen Z consumers have a Netflix subscription. Other platforms they like are TikTok and Twitch. What does this all mean? Communication and the opportunity to react to what you watch is just as important as the content itself. It is better to watch inferior quality video while discussing it than to watch high-quality video in “radio silence”.

The way they watch sports. Wait! Do they watch sports?

At the beginning of the pandemic, Washington Post journalist Rick Maese asked, “how do Gen Z viewers watch sports?”. The pandemic locked-down all existing generations together — inside a single house, making the question of how and what this group would watch together highly relevant — literally overnight. Maese came to the conclusion that it is impossible to sit Gen Z or teenagers down in front of a 3-hour TV broadcast and expect them to watch. Without question they will hop onto social media, either in order to communicate or in order to serf, independent of how they choose to spend their time, they are already quite used to discussing and taking the deep dive into whatever they do.

Meeting their needs

Interaction and engagement should be the primary strategy for reaching Gen Z — so claims Forbes, and we have no reasons to argue with them.



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