Emojis, speed and colonialism: why is it that people like the Premier League, and just how much do they like it?

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Speed ​​and Spectacular Elegance

A popular opinion is also that spectators in the English Premier League are attracted by the speed and entertainment value of football. The Italians have tactics — and the Germans too. But with the Premier league we have fires and hurricanes. Those who support this theory talk about tactics across all of football, but are strangely silent about the reasons why the Premier League bypasses Spanish or, for example, South American football, in terms of entertainment value.


Where would we be without marketing? Many viewers are convinced that it is the amount of money that the Premier League spends on promotion, as well as the quality of their advertising, that make the whole world watch their games.

English Language and Commentators

A logical assumption is the theory that the English premiere is watched all over the world because…well…because it’s presented in English. We can understand commentators and follow its news no matter where we are in the world. A great number of Americans are fond of this idea, and they follow English football because it’s much easier than following French football, for instance. But fans from across the whole world agree on this point. Many of them add that the Premier League unites players from across the world, while in other national leagues, most players are local.

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It’s all in the Thrill

The most widely supported theory, however, has to do with surprise: you can never predict who will win or how the forces will be distributed, even further down in the ranking than fourth place. In French Ligue 1 you’ve only got PSG, in the Bundesliga and the LA League there are two teams at this level, in Italian Serie A there are three… But only in the Premier League do we have a situation in which there are virtually no underdogs. This vague but sweet theory confirms that yes, if fans believe in surprises and chance fate, nothing is in vain.

So ok, we now know why we love the Premier League so much. But how do we watch its matches?

What else to do other than survey the fans, themselves? Among them were both very dedicated fans (who have been watching Premier League matches since 1999) and total beginners, for whom this season will be only the second. We did not ask them for their personal data, but did clarify what clubs they support, in order to be sure that there was true diversity in the Premier League. It turned out that yes, there is. An approximately equal number of our respondents support Chelsea, Man City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal, with slightly fewer favouring Tottenham, Leicester and Westham.

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