Do women watch sports? Here we explore various studies about women athletes and women spectators

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Where can we watch women’s sports?

Despite the growing popularity of women’s sports, finding an online broadcast isn’t an easy task. This is even more the case on TV.

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A Completely New Audience

25% of those who watched women’s cricket had never watched men’s cricket in the past. 6 million WSL viewers had never watched Premier League games. The conclusion is simple — if you don’t provide access to women’s sports, you are losing potential audience.

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How do women watch sports?

We also conducted a survey among women in order to learn how they would prefer to watch games — whether alone or together, online or at the stadium, and what they feel they need in order to make viewing more pleasant.

What Watchers women think about sports

“Unfortunately, not all sports that are close to me can be seen on TV or on a video platform, as their broadcasting would be hard to organize and their entertainment value is low. I would like to see more Open Water Swimming championships, triathlon races, General Aviation Sports (air rally racing, precision flying, air navigation races). From what media offers us, I like to watch football and Red Bull competitions: I never missed a single Red Bull Air Race before, but now, after their cancellation, I follow Cliff Diving. These are my guilty pleasures that I watch alone. As for football… Who cheers at the stadium alone? You need a company for that, and if we can’t come together with friends, we exchange impressions online”. — Yana, CEO



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